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our Successes in 2018

ü Implemented our winter-week-end service providing 5 youth for winter work and servicing 3 residents

ü Provided stipends and a six-hour oasis for 22 youth

ü Serviced 15 neighborhood sites

ü Provided stipends to 4 college students, serving as project managers and cooks

ü Held afternoon Empowerment Seminars on: communication, table manners , communication skills, interviewing skills, and financial education.

ü One BEST youth got a job with Parks and Recreation and one an apprenticeship with Sac PD. Two 2015 BEST grads are attending college and one joined the service.

BEST team cleaning up dry grass for one of our neighbors.

Afternoon session, learning how to tie a tie, to dress for success for a job interview.

So 2019

16 youth

4 residents to help

Do you know an Oak Park resident that can use our services? We need 15 

more. Contact us:[email protected]