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Project Manager Description

BEST is looking for an adult to manage the youth doing their work with the residents. Time is 7:45 to 11:45 am. Read the description below, contact: [email protected], if interested.

Project Manager 

Job Description

· Meet and help Assess the projects for each target home

· Assess the problem and write a plan of completion

· Develop a daily task sheet for each assigned home, demonstration how/ when the target project will be completed      and by whom (youth participant)

· Each morning conduct a 15-to 20 minutes orientation on how to use a particular tool (i.e. hula hoe, pruners, weed        eater or hammer) or do a specific project (i.e. how to paint, trim bushes/trees or edge a lawn)

· Work side by side with the youth demonstrating how to complete the task

· Possess some behavioral management and diplomacy skills

· Possess some time management skills

· Can keep annotative notes and records of each youth’s progress

· Must work the director or drive to the storage space to assure the correct tools are on site.

Responsibilities and Expectations Description

ü Must have knowledge in these areas: time management, project management and yard or home development.

ü Possess same skills in working with youth

ü Interacts well and builds positive rapport with young people

ü Be willing to be trained in Youth Development network skills, in June.

ü Must be able to pass live finger printing screening

ü Willing to help with youth orientation, in June

ü Must be available some times in June to assess homes

     A $10.00 stipend will be offered per home up on completing the task sheet

ü Must be on site the morning during the summer sessions

ü Must keep record of the youth attendance and progress

Depending on the amount of education you have, a $60-100.00 stipend will be offered per week (3hrs-3-days per week)

If need to be absent, you will need to contact Ms. Watts the day before.

Hours and work Days

· Work days, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

· Hours: 7:50 -11:30 am

· Three week per funding